Polon Alfa is a company with high goals, and SAP Business One is designed specifically for such ambitious organizations. We worked together on the implementation of SAP Business One (version 9.3 with the main operational modules + Crystal Reports as a reporting and analysis tool) and the project was already functional. Therefore, we invite you to access the case study, which details the context in which Polon Alfa decided to change the ERP system, the selection criteria of SAP Business One and System Innovation Romania and of course the results of the project.

Download the Case Study in PDF format.

In short, Polon Alfa Romania is part of the namesake group and sells fire alarm detection and alarm systems. It is an indirect business, carried out through a network with about 500 partners and four national branches. The company has grown steadily in recent years, and by 2017 the existing ERP solution no longer faced the large volume of transactions and management requirements at the level of analysis and reporting. It is a common situation for many companies in Romania, when exceeding a threshold of customers, invoices, deliveries etc. Interested in visibility, control and traceability on business processes, Polon Alfa management has started looking for a more efficient ERP system. They had discussions with several local and international suppliers, and finally chose the SAP Business One-System Innovation Romania tandem. In this industry, the solution-implementer combination is the key to the success of a project.

From the statements of the beneficiary (which you find in the case study), the large number of modules and functionalities from SAP Business One, the German origin of the solution, as well as the references of System Innovation Romania were counted, and the quality of the consulting and implementation team.

We really appreciated the statement of Florin Joacăbine (General Manager of Polon Alfa) “At System Innovation Romania, we met people attentive to explanations, who understood our business and who did not come to sell us a product but to build a winning solution together”.

The implementation was based on the SAP methodology, we worked hard and completed the project in about 3 months. In the end, Polon Alfa reached a complete traceability of commercial processes: from bidding to delivery and payment. All operations are carried out in SAP Business One: orders, offers, stock booking, supply, delivery etc. Thus the management of the company has a clear image both at the level of the whole process and of each stage.

Complementary Polon Alfa reduced errors in order processing (previously they were manually processed), optimized inventories and reduced the average billing time. Sales agents now have a dedicated mobile application, through which information about customers directly from the field, ie they have a greater capacity for bidding and negotiation. Essentially, more control at the operational level but more flexibility.

A beautiful project, of which we are proud and a satisfied beneficiary, which matters most at the end of a work day. For project details go to the case study in PDF format.