In the last year, many customers have been affected by ransomware and in the absence of back-ups of data, could not use the ERP system. Ransomware is one of the wounds of the digital society, and in 2018 it was the most widespread form of cyber attack. In short, ransomware is a malicious software code that enters a computer or server and blocks access to information until a ransom is paid. If initially these attacks targeted individuals, in recent years public companies and institutions have become the main target. Why? Mainly because they have much more valuable data for which they are willing to pay, but also because the large number of users and systems used creates more gateways.

Another misconception was that in Romania the organizations do not have the same budgets as in the West and will be bypassed by hackers. On the contrary, the reality showed that the attacks were as numerous, as in developed countries, and high damages. The statistics confirm that over 5% of companies have suffered a ransomware attack, regardless of the area of ​​activity or the size of the company. In short, no one is immune.

There are several types of ransomware attacks, but the most common are:

  • Block access to resources (applications, documents, information) without encryption
  • Encrypt the boot partitions of PCs, which can no longer load the operating system
  • Stealing confidential data that attackers threaten to make public if they do not receive the ransom
  • Encryption of mobile devices as a result of downloading content or installing fake mobile applications

How can you get infected?

The gateway to these attacks is represented by the inaction or ignorance of the users, but also by exploiting vulnerabilities in the applications. Specifically, it is about opening dubious emails with malicious attachments, accessing compromised web pages, opening documents already infected (word, pdf). At the application level, we talk about security breaches in Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) as well as in desktop applications, including Microsoft Office, where viruses enter into IT systems.

The list of companies that have paid the required repayments is very long, including in Romania, where no hospitals, town halls and public schools were bypassed. Some cases came to the press, but most were unknown, the victims either paid the ransom or accepted the loss of data. Obviously some of them were able to recover their data thanks to security and back-up solutions.

Can SAP Business One be affected by ransomware?

Any application is exposed to attacks and even though SAP has developed several security updates, the IT environment of a company is complex and many “gates” remain open. Once the malicious application has entered the system it can block access to ERP or encrypt the data. Therefore, the answer to the question in the title is YES, an ERP system may be affected by ransomware.

What to do? The main measures you can take are:

Educate users. Most of the time, ransomware is activated when a document or web page is opened. Users should be careful about dubious messages and pages and should not access such resources. Mostly ERP users.

Use security applications. At the level of the entire network and all the equipment that accesses the ERP system, you must have a solid security solution that is constantly updated. Every day new malicious applications appear, so updating these solutions is critical.

Back up your data regularly. Backup is the safest protection solution. It should be done regularly and with professional solutions, including offline, because even the backup can be encrypted by hackers. Thus, even if you are affected by ransomware, data restoration will allow you to continue working with minimal damage.

Therefore, we recommend that you have functional back-up solutions, but also use advanced security solutions. Moreover, we offer you help.

Recently, we signed a partnership with BitDefender, one of the most well-known tech companies in Romania and a global leader in the cybersecurity industry, so that all SAP Business One beneficiaries have access to the latest protection technologies.

Why did I choose BitDefender as a security partner?

  • Bitdefender protects over 500 million systems in about 150 countries
  • Bitdefender 2020 solutions stop cyber attacks, even before they are triggered
  • Bitdefender has the best malware detection rate in the industry for the last 5 years
  • BitDefender is one of the most famous tech companies in Romania

BitDefender solutions fully cover the security requirements of an SME company and have an unbeatable price/quality ratio. From a single console you will have complete protection for workstations and servers (physical or virtual) but also centralized information on risk factors, from malware and configuration errors, to user negligence. This way, you will have a better level of protection not only against ransomware but also other types of cyber attacks.

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