SAP Business One Cloud simple and secure

Get the business software you need, the way you need it, with SAP Business One Cloud. This affordable, solution can help integrate and streamline your key processes – including financials, sales, inventory, and more.

By using the cloud, you get relief from maintaining your own IT infrastructure. SAP Business One is hosted by people who do nothing then to make sure that you run smoothly without any delays or issues. This means, your people have more time to deal with growing the company.

With SAP Business One, you get a simple and secure access to the apps and data that you need, from any device or any location you choose. Your data is protected by the highest security measures – so you can rest assured knowing your data is physically and virtually protected 24/7. You pay a subscription fee per user, and we take care of the rest.

  • Minimal Initial Investment –Initial costs are significantly lower compared with the traditional method of purchasing perpetual licenses and the equipment necessary for operation.
  • Fast Deployment – You can implement the software faster than you can with an on-premise solution, and you’ll have us guiding you along the way to help ensure a smooth deployment.
  • Better Cash Flow Better Management – Your software costs are based on a predictable monthly fee. Predictable costs help you plan and support your business more efficiently.
  • Free Up Internal IT Resources – Because the software is delivered as a service, you don’t need to hire experienced IT staff to manage and support your software and its underlying IT infrastructure.
  • Scale As Needed – As your needs change, you can adapt and extend the software with add-on solutions that have been built by our software solution and technology partners to fulfill industry-specific and other needs. A good example is by adding users during seasonal peaks. Not only does it allow the business to be more competitive, it also allows business owners to take advantage of the flexible options available with cloud technology.
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  • SAP certified solution
  • Standard implementation
  • Dedicated to small companies
  • 1-5 users
I am convinced that SAP Business One and System Innovation Romania will support the long-term development of our company!
George Barbu

George Barbu

Executive Manager, ABN Systems International
The most important benefit for us is the control gained and Vitall’s development perspectives with the help of SAP Business One and the consultancy team of System Innovation Romania!
(Romanian) Biosystems

Mihaela Iovan

Financial Manager, Vitall
Thanks to the involvement of the System Innovation Romania consulting team, the implementation process went according to Hematrom's expectations and the benefits we anticipated when opting for SAP Business One were visible
(Romanian) Cristian Hotoboc

Cristian Hotoboc

General Manager, Hematrom
The main reason why we chose to implement SAP Business One was the flexibility, we knew it would give us and the quick access to information, which we did not have
(Romanian) Bogdan Recacevschi

Bogdan Recacevschi

IT Manager, Tech-Con Group
With SAP Business One, work speed and agility are much higher. Previously we had a flashlight and we were looking for hidden information, now we have turned on the light and we see both the details and the overall image. ”Florin Joacăbine, General Manager, Polon Alfa Romania

Polon – Alfa

Florin Joacăbine, General Manager, Polon Alfa Romania