Hackers are not sleeping and trying to turn a crisis into a bigger one. In the last two weeks, computer attacks have increased by 200%, the most exploited term being obviously #covid19. The attackers are unscrupulous, including targets, for example, the University Hospital of Brno, Czech Republic, where hackers managed to shut down the IT system, which blocked the testing of #covid19 and the carrying out of several surgeries.

The attacks are of “automatic fire” type, meaning thousands of messages containing malware (applications, links, documents) are thrown on the market with the “hope” that someone will reach an inattentive user or a company with outdated / outdated IT systems. Why? Because in this period, with millions of people working from home, the discipline is weakening and the temptation to inform from various sources increases. There is a real risk that, as a result of clicking on a link or opening an attachment, the entire network will be compromised, information will be lost and even databases will be encrypted. And as the IT companies are overloaded during this period … the damage will be customized.

Therefore, consider two types of actions:

Securing the infrastructure. SAP Business One is not a security solution, even if it has a number of functionalities in this regard (encryption of credentials, security of access, etc.). We recommend BitDefender, called “the best security company in the world” by PCMag publishers in the United States. BitDefender products have the best malware detection rates in the industry for the past 5 years and rely on Artificial Intelligence to anticipate, detect and block attacks. Bitdefender Gravity is the range dedicated to companies and offers protection for both workstations and servers. Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security offers complete protection for desktops and physical and virtual servers, mobile and security devices, and anti-spam for Exchange mailboxes.
A license covers 4 servers (physical or virtual) and ten devices, all of which are centrally accessed and managed from a single console. Thus, the manager’s IT work is simplified, and monitoring is much easier. Basically, you will have protection on all attack zones (web, network, email) and all equipment (laptop, desktop, server) using a single product.
From 2019, we are official partners of Bitdefender, and together with the official companies we can recommend the most suitable IT security solutions.

Backup, backup, backup. Because there is no system that offers 100% protection, backup remains an essential condition for the survival of a company. No matter the incident (errors, hardware failure, computer attack, fire, earthquake, etc.), only the backup guarantees the recovery of information and the resumption of the use of the ERP system.
Important to know: there are differences between native backup functionality in MSSQL or SAP HANA databases and the generalized backup required for the server (physical or virtual) running SAP Business One.

Database backup recommendations:

  • Back up daily after 22:00, 23:00. We recommend copying the daily backup to an external storage device.
  • Periodically copy files from the Attachments / Paths, General Settings path.
  • Periodically check that the backup files are generated in the folders that you have set. If you find that they do not arise, you should investigate the cause.
  • Check as often as possible whether the backup files are restored to TEST RESTORE databases, so that they are valid, non-corrupt backup files.
  • If you would like assistance in checking the MSSQL backup job or the MSSQL backup restore please contact our support service.

Recommendations for server-level backup

  • Verify that you can also have a backup of the server running the ERP system. In the event of an incident, reinstalling the Windows server, the SAP Business One server, all services could take 2-4 days.
  • Establish a procedure and a manager in the company (or outsourced), to copy, on another server or in another location, an image of the database, the files, etc. and provide a restoration plan in the event of an incident. The Support team of System Innovation Romania has no competences to provide this service.
  • Depending on the field of activity and the critical nature of the data held, you have numerous backup solutions, cheaper or more expensive. You can back up your own infrastructure, a secondary location, or in the cloud. It is important to make constant and frequent backups (to lose as little data as possible) and on a technology that allows you to restore data quickly and completely. When choosing the solution, keep in mind that backup can also be compromised by hackers. Ideally, you also have a backup kept offline, which eliminates this risk.

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