E-mail is the most used application in the office environment for interaction with partners, customers, colleagues, etc. Therefore, the email client is permanently open on most computers, regardless of the department. On the other hand, a lot of useful information in everyday activity lies in business applications such as CRM and ERP. Thus, users do multi-tasking and work with multiple applications, searching for and copying data, documents, etc. The situation generates waste of time, hassle, nerves … Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

There is a simple solution that relieves users of the burden of working with multiple applications and windows. CRM for Outlook is available for SAP Business One and enables all tasks associated with interacting with business partners to be carried out directly in the email client. CRM for Outlook combines a very familiar interface (Outlook has millions of users) with key information and workflows in SAP Business One. Moreover, Outlook is a component of the Microsoft Office suite that has become a standard endowment for any employee with office work.

What you can do specifically in CRM for Outlook?

CRM for Outlook allows any action (sales, support, orders) to be processed for target customers or business partners directly from Outlook. This is possible following the integration of the two applications and the two-way exchange of data, activities, tasks, etc. This allows users to view key customer or partner information stored in SAP Business One directly in Outlook and the generated data is automatically collected, organized and saved in SAP Business One. The work becomes more enjoyable and the records are updated without extra effort. Here are some examples of activities:

  • Prepare e-mails with a customer and access all the information associated with outlook directly from Outlook (orders, sales, shipments, debits, etc.) without entering SAP Business One
  • Create offers and attach the necessary documentation without moving from one window to another
  • Manage contacts, offers, orders and related activities without leaving the email app
  • Automatically match the e-mail received with the associated records in SAP Business One for a permanent update of the relationship history with a customer.
  • Get a customer’s response to a proposal and create or update that opportunity directly from Outlook in SAP Business One
  • Update tasks, documents, and contact details and new records will be automatically found in SAP Business One
  • Edit contacts collaboratively and the changes are visible to the entire team, which eliminates redundant records
  • Access and work in Outlook with documents stored in SAP Business One
  • You have a “CRM cockpit” with all the information necessary for consistent communication with customers and partners
  • If applicable, initiate calls directly from Outlook via IP telephony applications

Here’s what users say about CRM for Outlook:

“With the CRM solution for Outlook we have immediate visibility on the business conducted with our partners. Automatic identification of SAP client data in Outlook, immediate access to opportunities or activities created, interconnection of the Microsoft calendar with SAP and access to unpaid or paid offers, orders and invoices, gives us the most efficient way to make quick business decisions. In a dynamic, digital and ever-moving world we need information one click away and the CRM solution has added value immediately.” Bogdan Recacevschi, CTO, Tech-Con Romania.

What else you need to know about CRM for Outlook

CRM for Outlook is available as an add-on for SAP Business One. Installation is simple and data synchronization is fluent and automatic. The interface can be customized to display in the Outlook ribbon the information deemed necessary by each user. In addition, you can also add other features, such as viewing contacts on Google Maps, associated LinkedIn profiles, exporting contacts to MailChimp, etc.

Essentially, CRM for Outlook brings some obvious benefits: employees work with a very well-known and very simple application that already exists in the organization. All the data generated will be automatically updated in SAP Business One effortlessly. Experience shows that using CRM for Outlook also helps to increase the pace of adoption of SAP Business One among employees.

So, what are you waiting for? Go right now to CRM for Outlook, the secret weapon of SAP Business One users!

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