With or without a pandemic, many professional categories cannot opt ​​for teleworking. For specialists whose field presence is indispensable, there is SAP Business One Service, a mobile application that simplifies the activity and limits physical interactions.

Installers, trouble shooters or service technicians can all view and solve assigned tasks more easily and quickly. SAP Business One Service provides access to customer information and open service vouchers.

What is the most common work scenario?

In many small and medium-sized companies, fieldwork employees rely on information received on paper or emailed by the team coordinator. They do not have direct access to the client’s history and any previous interventions, nor do they have details about the nature of the problems they need to solve. If after analyzing the situation they need spare parts, they must return or call the headquarters to place an order. Because they do not have access to the parts stock, to the related prices or to the team’s agenda, they cannot agree with the client on a firm date for rescheduling the work.

Thus, they are not efficient, the activity planning is complicated, and the level of customer satisfaction decreases considerably.

It is a common scenario for technicians who deal with the installation and maintenance of thermal power plants, air conditioning systems, service for industrial machinery and equipment, security and video surveillance systems, etc. Why? Because, currently, the dedicated solutions for the field teams management are either too expensive or too complex for small or medium companies, which do not find a justification for these investments.

How is SAP Business One Service mobile application changing the whole activity?

SAP Business One Service is a mobile application dedicated to technicians working in the customer’s location. It is an extension of SAP Business One and connects them to the ERP and CRM system via a smartphone or tablet. It works both online and offline and provides access to all records associated with a customer (including notes for other interventions), access to stocks of parts and accessories, barcode scanner and even the speech to text facility for placing orders and recording observations with the help of your voice. All this contributes to the increase of efficiency and the ability to solve the assigned service vouchers faster.

SAP Business One Service is different from SAP Business One Mobile App, which provides access to the general functionality of the ERP system. For this mobile application, read https://sysinconsult.ro/2020/07/21/sap-business-one-pentru-android-si-ios-intrati-in-era-mobilitatii/

Key features for service teams:

  • Accessing and filtering service tickets assigned to a technician, synchronizing them with the individual agenda
  • View the customer’s location on the map, call him directly from the application and choose an optimal route
  • Access to the client’s history and observations from previous interventions
  • Service Tickets management (editing, sharing, printing, closing)
  • Scan QR codes or barcodes for fast processing of used parts / required for interventions
  • Placing an order for spare parts or components (including cancellation or modification)
  • Online and offline availability (preloading the data needed for an intervention)
  • Adding case resolutions and creating follow-up vouchers
  • Taking images from the place of intervention directly in the application or adding information (documents, etc.)
  • Capture the customer’s signature directly on the mobile phone screen
  • Create the activity report in PDF format
  • Integration with mobile printers
  • Reports based on key indicators (tickets solved in a certain time interval, types of interventions, clients, etc.)

With SAP Business One Service, team coordinators will assign tasks based on location and training. Each intervention starts from a complete set of data, thus avoiding errors and lost time to fix them. The application has a direct effect on increasing the productivity of mobile teams (they arrive more prepared for intervention, identify the location faster, take over information from the field very easily, etc.) but also on customer satisfaction.

The SAP Business One Service mobile application is available for both iOS and Android. Use is free, but involves the existence of an SAP Business One license or a mobile license.

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