Software robots come to the attention of all managers as the benefits become clearer, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology matures. The most common scenarios for the use of software robots are in the financial and accounting fields (payment processing and invoicing, registry completion, database retrievals) human resources management (timing, payroll, employee data processing) and logistics (inventory, ). However, the applicability is much broader, in any field where workflows are repetitive, involves a large amount of data and respects certain templates, but without a high level of complexity. Also, the use of software robots is also recommended for companies with multiple applications on different technologies, where integration through connector development generates high costs and data processing times are high.

Software robots do not aim to replace people in these areas, but to support them to achieve a high level of productivity. Thus, employees are relieved of repetitive and, implicitly, boring tasks, capitalizing on their expertise in more relevant activities, and a high level of job satisfaction. Practically, software robots can take repetitive tasks, which they run 24 hours a day, 7 days / week, without errors, quickly and safely.

System Innovation Romania-UiPath Partnership

The interest of the local market for software robots is very high, both due to steady wage increases in recent years and to the lack of qualified staff in several sectors of activity. In this respect, System Innovation Romania and UiPath have signed a partnership for the integration of software robots into business process optimization projects delivered to the local and international market. System Innovation Romania will combine the ten-year experience in implementing ERP SAP and QlikView solutions with the latest generation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developed by UiPath.

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The company has created a new business line that will deal exclusively with process management and automation, regardless of the computer systems used by the customer. System Innovation Romania and UiPath will help companies run processes and workflows as fluently and efficiently as possible with minimal human intervention. The new solutions will help users to perform their tasks and activities more quickly and focus on the creative aspects of their work instead of routine ones.

“Labor is becoming more and more expensive and harder to find. Therefore, companies need a smart tool that reduces gross workload and repetitive tasks. They block employees’ creativity and affect their productivity. Our goal is to transfer these tasks to a RPA system and eliminate manual intervention. In this regard, we will build solutions packages based on both UiPath technologies and proprietary products, integrating all of the IT systems in a company. The 10 years of expertise in developing and implementing business software solutions will help deliver our RPA automation projects to our customers, complementing those already in our portfolio”, says Ciprian Condur, Managing Partner, System Innovation Romania.

What are the benefits of software robots?

An activity that occupies a ten-minute employee can be executed by a software robot in seconds. Moreover, it will execute the task continuously and without error, regardless of the data volume. RPA can manage from extracting and processing data sets from various documents, transferring files and folders to different locations, reading and writing to / from databases or applications, etc. A software robot can automate, for example, obtaining monthly activity reports, entering invoices and orders, processing holiday requests or completing customer forms. Everything with a high execution speed, high accuracy and a very low operating cost.

“RPA redefines the business environment through its massive impact on productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, but also on employees. Software robots can handle repetitive tasks, which they run 24 hours a day, 7 days / week, eliminating human errors quickly and safely. At the same time, it collects data and makes it available to those supervising the automation project in an organization. RPA is agnostic, applicable to any industry, and partnership with System Information Romania proves that our market is also ready for the global digital revolution”, says Razvan Atim, Head of CEE and Russia, UiPath.

According to the latest forecasts, the global Robotic Process Automation market will reach $ 5.1 billion in 2025, with an annual growth of about 30%. Evolution is favored by the increase in industrial automation and the widespread adoption of IoT-Internet of Things.

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