E-mail remains the most widely used business application in any industry, and Microsoft Outlook has the largest market share among companies. For many employees, much of the daily activity takes place around correspondence, sending and receiving information from customers or partners.

A study by Radicati Group shows that an office worker receives an average of 121 messages each day and sends about 40. Therefore, customer relationship management directly from the e-mail client can greatly simplify the work of sales teams , marketing or support. Key customer information will be available in the same window along with your daily correspondence and agenda.

That’s why, this year, we make available to all Romanian clients, CRM 4 Outlook an application that integrates perfectly with SAP Business One and synchronizes ERP data with the corresponding email addresses / contacts.

Users can then view or edit SAP Business One data directly from Outlook without opening any other windows. Data editing is possible for related contacts, but equally simple, new contacts added to Outlook will also be found in SAP Business One.

Basically, you can see directly from Outlook:

  • customer balance

  • bills and open orders

  • graphics with the latest sales

  • activities carried out.

You can also direct from Outlook:
create an offer, order or service ticket directly
access the website,
call Skype
opens the address in Google Maps

Here's how sales agents can work directly in Outlook

We bring this solution to the local market through a partnership with BOYUM Solution www.boyum-solutions.com, a Danish company, also a SAP partner. Boyum has plans to develop CRM 4Outlook, including integration with Zendesk and Social Media, SQL reports, personalized menus, and more. For more information about CRM 4 Outlook and screenshots with the main features, download the SAP Business One Add On CRM 4 Outlook brochure.

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