SAP Business One Go-Live in 3 months



Integration between all group companies, better information flows and harmonization of work processes such as accounting, production, reporting

The choosed solution

SAP Business One, a flexible solution that can respond to the changing demands of a growing organization


Enhance entire business with a single system, eliminate inaccurate reports and improve process efficiency with real-time data

About the project

Fluorocarbon Polymers SRL and FBS Prestige SRL are subsidiaries of Fluorocarbon UK, the largest fluoropolymer processor in the UK and global importer of PTFE, components containing polymer and semi-processed materials, for market leaders worldwide.

With the implementation of SAP Business One the problem of collecting data in different systems in each subsidiary has been eliminated, thus successfully harmonizing inventory management, accounting and reporting across the group. Moreover, implementing SAP Business One led to integrating reporting between group standards, the needs the Romanian management team and local legal requirements.

“Our Romanian subsidiaries didn’t have a system for managing everything we do as a business in a unified and consistent way, but instead we were using many independent programs for different parts of the business. The most important benefits of implementing SAP Business One are the standardization and integration of processes and real-time access to relevant data. Moreover, the new system helped us gain new perspective on our business and eliminate non value adding processes created by previous systems.” Rebecca Long, SAP B1 Project Manager, Fluorocarbon Ltd, UK

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