For several years, mobility has become an increasingly popular feature of ERP users. Accessing the solution from a laptop has given many employees the freedom of movement they need and want, while keeping them connected to the company’s data and workflows. A new stage in mobility is already emerging by porting ERP solutions to smartphones, which in turn provides access to data anytime, anywhere. SAP Business One users have access to mobile applications with extended functionality for both Android and iOS (Windows Mobile and Blackberry have left the race). This extended mobility generates an increase in productivity, improves the way data is captured and recorded and increases the quality of provided services, which explains the growing interest shown by beneficiaries.

SAP Business One is a highly complex solution and needs a rich user support interface. Therefore, porting such a solution to a mobile device with a relatively small screen and touch interface generates some technical and functional challenges. However, SAP engineers have developed a high-performance mobile application that fully supports the needs of an employee outside the office.

SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS and Android

The SAP Business One mobile application for Android and iOS allows you to view data and reports, process approval flows, monitor sales, manage customer and partner data and more. The interface is simple and intuitive, which does not raise problems of adoption and use.

Here are the basic features:

  • Activities. The user logged in to the mobile application can view, add, edit, close or follow up any type of activity. In addition, managers can assign tasks to employees.
  • Approvals and Alerts. Users receive alerts for specific events, from requests for an atypical discount, raising a credit limit or special prices, to users who need real-time permissions to perform actions. Those responsible have access to information and collateral documents to support the decision.
  • Access to information about customers and partners. The mobile application provides access to complete data: addresses, contact details, telephone numbers, historical data (purchases, received discounts, preferential prices, etc.). Allows you to add new customers or partners, create activities related to them and synchronize with the Contact List in the user’s phone.
  • Inventory and price lists. It allows the monitoring of the stock level on the most diverse categories with access to detailed information about the products: purchase price / sale price, available quantities, specifications, technical documentation, etc.
  • Commercial offer. Sales department employees can perform any specific activity directly from the mobile application, from sending an offer to placing an order and monitoring its delivery. I can even ask for the approval of superiors for personalized quotes or atypical discounts. These activities can be created, edited or updated.
  • Orders, deliveries, invoices. These landmarks can be easily viewed, with access to details about the date, quantities, values, customers, delivery times, exceedances.
  • Leads and sales opportunities management. The application allows you to search, view, edit and add leads and opportunities in any of the stages of the sales cycle.
  • Contracts and support calls. Users can access and edit service contracts, independently or in conjunction with the customer record. They can also take support calls, open tickets and provide solutions.
  • Analysis and reporting. The mobile application allows access to activity reports created in SAP Business One or SAP Crystal Reports as well as to predefined dashboards and graphs on several performance indicators (sales analysis, cash flow, quotations, sales, etc.). This information is easy to access and view, can be shared with other team members or emailed.
  • Attached documents. The solution allows the attachment of any type of document on various operational levels: business contacts, activities, opportunities, products, calls, service requests, etc.

Getting started with SAP Business One Mobile App

Using mobile applications for SAP Business One is simple and can be done internally by the solution administrator. After downloading the desired version of the application (from the Apple Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore) it is necessary to activate each mobile user in SAP Business One. The use of mobile apps for iOS and Android is free as long as there is a SAP Business One active license.

Activation is done from the Administration / SetUp menu of SAP Business One by activating some options and filling in some fields with the ID of the corresponding mobile device. The solution also allows the allocation of two mobile devices (phone and tablet, for example) for a single user.

SAP Business One mobile applications for iOS and Android have different versions for SQL and SAP HANA users. The version for SAP HANA has several functionalities, especially at the reporting level, which also involves some more complex configurations. If you need help setting up the SAP Business One mobile application for iOS and Android, contact System Innovation Romania for support.

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