We like the technology and the digital environment, but we appreciate just as much a handshake. That’s why we continued in 2019 the series of meetings called Generic System Innovation Customer Meeting and Lunch. On April 17th, over 30 customers and prospects were at our Sheraton Hotel for several hours of networking and offline interactions. We had the opportunity to get to know each other better, especially since both Transylvania customers and a few members of our team from Cluj Napoca participated. The main gain is the exchange of experience between people who have overcome similar challenges in projects or are faced with such challenges.

Complementarily, we discussed the technological advances in the next version of SAP Business One, which will be available by the end of the year, as well as what the Cyber ​​Security landscape in Romania shows. This issue was addressed with BitDefender partners who attempted to link the main types of threats (ransomware and DDOS being among the most aggressive) and operational risks to companies that ignore basic data protection rules and securing backup.

A topic that could not be missed was Robotic Process Automation, which particularly highlighted the real-life scenarios of UiPath and System Innovation software robots both in Sap Business One projects and in independent deployments. If you are interested in RPA, you can see Ciprian Condur’s presentation here or you can watch all the videos on our  YouTube channel.

For event images, visit the System Innovation Facebook page, where you can also send us feedback on how to improve the quality of interactions in the future.

We were hoping that it was a good time and we will review the next edition.