The regional expansion we have been talking about since this year has become a reality. Starting with May, our office in Cluj Napoca is functional, with a team dedicated to consulting and implementation services. The activity will be coordinated by Mugur Popescu, Senior ERP Consultant, with 3 years experience in our company, who will manage the activities regarding clients, projects and recruitment process in the Transylvania area.

Over the past few years, we have carried out several projects in Transylvania and this step has become necessary so that we can be closer to the existing clients and provide them with a swifter support. The clients we have in the region: Eurial, Novo Tech, Salus, Testo, Faist Mekatronic, Microrom etc. are growing companies with a complexity level above average.

This makes SAP Business One processes equally dynamic and permanently involve the addition of new functionalities or parameterizations, beyond the usual maintenance services and other adjustments. Even in the digital age, direct interaction, a close relationship with people helps the good things go. Beyond technology, we believe that the success of an ERP project lies in the good collaboration between the supplier and the beneficiary, in transparency and teamwork.

In addition, we noticed a great interest of Transylvanian companies for adopting integrated management solutions. I think the Cluj-Napoca office will help us both understand the requirements of these companies and explain the benefits of using SAP Business One.

We will be more active locally, attending local events, meetings and workshops. We will spend less time in traffic and travel and very important – a lot of time spent in discussions with customers. It will help us develop a real H2H strategy (human2human) and build personal relationships with pros and cons. Therefore, you are welcome at the System Inovation Romania Cluj-Napoca office on 60 21 Decembrie 1989 Street.





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