It is essential that sales and purchase prices to be properly maintained for an efficient collaboration with customers and suppliers and to reduce mistakes and corrections, to obtain a proper cost and profit analysis.

SAP Business One system can maintain lists of different prices and discounts for customers and suppliers and also promotions for different products or product groups, sales volumes. Those can be set in different currencies and units of measure  (kg, pcs, etc.).

• Price list

Different price lists can be set and assigned to customers or suppliers. The system can have several price lists that can be linked. For example, a discount list can be linked to a standard price list. On the Standard Sales List, 30% Discount is based, with a 0.7 percentage, so in changing the price to the standard list from 10 lei to 20 lei, the discount price automatically will reach 14 lei in the discount list. The price lists has a main currency, but two additional currencies can be set on the same price list. A list of prices can also be set with the net or gross price.

  • Preferential prices for customers and suppliers

A standard price list can be assigned to a customer or supplier, but it may have a discount applied only to that customer or supplier. These offers can be made for a certain period of time and can be set in advance. This option facilitates the insertion of documents and reduces a potential data error because the user does not have to manually modify the price when the price changes and it is set in advance. In addition, those offers can also be set based on the quantity purchased or sold. Different prices can be set based on this amount and the percentage discount or value is automatically calculated in the transaction.

  • Contracts

You can use contracts for customers or suppliers. The contract is set for a period of time and, once approved, it can be used in transactions. SAP Business One allows you to use multiple contracts for the same partner, if necessary. The quantity and price of the product are set in the contract. Also, the contractual quantity can be distributed during the contract period according to the requirements of the customer / supplier. For example, the customer may have a contract in which 100 pieces should be ordered weekly. A weekly frequency can be set together with a recurring document for the same frequency.

A contract can also be set as a total value without being based on a specific product list.

The value of the relevant documents associated with a particular contract is cumulative and alerts may be set for different exceptions regarding the terms of the contract.

  • Volume and period

Similar to the preferential prices for customers and suppliers, you can set preferential prices by period and volume, but on a price list, not just on a specific customer or supplier. This feature can be used for seasonal products or promotions. Those promotions are based on the defined period. After this period, the whole price will be used in the price list.

  • Promotions

Another promotion time can be given depending on the product group, the properties of a product or a manufacturer. All these can be attributed to all partners, customers, suppliers, or a group of customers / suppliers. Individual promotions can be applied for each product, set as a percentage or a certain quantity (4 products at 1). The system will automatically calculate the price and will consider the product offered for free. A limit may be imposed on the number of products offered free of charge.

  • Price changes

Prices can be customized for different products, price lists, customers or vendors. In addition, there are other modules in the  SAP Business One that allow changes in prices or discount rates. Promotional prices can be removed from the system and will not be applied to new transactions.

Price changes can be made automatically by  a chosen method (increase by 1%, etc.) on all prices or according to what criteria were chosen when running this procedure. Prices may also be changed in foreign currency or in units of measurement.

Prices can also change for manufactured items when there is a change in the price of the components composing the product.