Driving Profitable Growth with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a single, affordable application that integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations. Like many decision makers, you want to focus on growing your business but instead find yourself dealing with a daily flood of  operational details, ad hoc requests for information, and nonstop competitive moves. SAP Business One is ideal for companies that have outgrown their accounting-only solutions and are looking to streamline their operations with an integrated, on-premise solution. SAP Business One is flexible enough to accommodate the rapid changes that fast-growing small and midsize businesses encounter.

SAP Business One helps businesses and individuals move from outdated business process and information breakdowns that lead to missed market oppotunities and inefficiencies to driving profitable growth and increased productivity. Companies that adopt SAP Business One are taking a step toward empowering employees to spend less time in data entry and more time engaged in meaningful business activities. With all relevant information in one place, SAP Business One saves you time.

SAP Business One integrates functions and connects documents and process flow between departments and adds value by giving users the ablity to easily navigate inside the system. It gives thorough and accurate analysis and instant access to extensive reports in real time. 

SAP Business One supplies a wide variety of customization options and the Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used to customize the product even more by creating business rules and integrating third-party applications. 

SAP Business One at a glance

What it is 
Best for  
Key functionality 
How to buy


A single, integrated solution to manage your entire busines
Small & Medium businesses that have outgrown their packaged accounting-only solutions
Primarily used in wholesale, retail, professional services, and light manufacturing
50,000 + customers world wide, half a milion users
40 country localizations, 27 languages, 80 countries
General business management functionality and 550+ add-on solutions
On premises
Traditional licensing; Cloud


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Integrated, Comprehensive Financials Management

Nowhere is the need for integrated systems more important than in Accounting. Without an integrated and automated financials management solution, increased business complexity can overwhelm the existing financial and accounting processes, giving rise to inefficiencies and inaccuracies that can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

With SAP Business One you can eliminate duplication of efforts and gain a holistic view of your company. SAP Business One's single system integrates and automates all financial processes saving you time and money. With SAP Business One you and your colleagues can make informed financial choices leading to an accurate flow of information. The accurate reports allow Sales and other departments to see exactly where they're gaining profits and suffering losses. SAP Business One supports multicurrency transactions. You can view accounts by your local currency, your system currency, and by foreign currencies and automate posting any exchange rate differences. In SAP Business One transactions are automatically generated to the general ledger, but you can also enter manual journal entries. You can use recurring postings and have SAP alert you whenever a posting is due. You can run multiple budget scenarios and use alerts and authorisations to stay within budget. Period-end closing is easy as all the information needed to close is already in the system.


Read more about the SAP Business One Financial Management solution to learn how you can automate, integrate and manage all financial and accounting processes.

Sales Opportunities Management

Closing deals, turning leads into sales, is the lifeblood of your company's revenue stream. SAP Business One gives you a simple way to enter and manage your sales opportunities, providing vital information for reporting and analysis.  The sales opportunities functionality in SAP Business One lets you manage the entire sales process as it progresses through sales stages, as well as forecast revenue potential and analyze sales outcomes.

SAP Business One gives you the power to record, track, and analyze every step with prospects. With SAP Business One you can use sales opportunities to track leads, analyze prospects based on requirements, record business partners' master data, create quotations, and negotiate sales.

Watch a demonstration about Sales Opportunities Functionality in SAP Business One:


Read more more about SAP Business One Sales Opportunities Management and how to maximize customer relationships.

The need for a clear flow of information between documents is vital in Sales

In SAP Business One, information flows smoothly from the sales order, to delivery, to the A/R invoice and the linking between documents reduces duplication of efforts. By referencing existing documents, it's easy to create others. With SAP Business One, sales employees are automatically added to each document related to their customers. They can pull up complete and up-to-the-minute customer data. And they can meet customer demands quickly, leading to improved customer satisfaction and greater sales success. SAP Business One automatically creates general ledger entries and automatically decreases inventory.

The Pick and Pack manager in SAP Business One allows to track items at different stages of the picking process, allowing a partial of full pick of the items. The Document Generation Wizard automatically creates and consolidates documents. With SAP Business One, you can quickly identify strong and weak points in your sales and product portfolios and see which products bring in the most money. You can set up payments terms and specify exactly how due dates are calculated and run the Aging Reports to mointor the due dates for open customer receivables. SAP Business One Dunning Wizard automatically generates payment reminders for selected customers for up to 10 different levels and letters.

Watch a demonstration about Sales Functionality in SAP Business One:

With SAP Business One, users control the entire purchasing process, from negotiations with vendors to purchase orders to goods delivery and processing incoming invoices.

You don't have to waste time tracking purchase orders or reentering item data into multiple documents. You are able to see the last price received from a vendor for an item for better negotiations. Creating documents is easy as original purchase order can be copied to goods receipt or directly to a purchase invoice. SAP Business One automatically creates an entry in the general ledger and automatically updates the stock. No tedious manual entry for a return or credit: the system automatically updates stock quantities and corrects the values in accounting when creating a return or credit saving time and discrepancies.

With SAP Business One, the landed costs feature automates the process so the real cost of the item is reflected, and the gross profit will be correct. The reports give detailed information about vendors' products you purchase the most and employees who get the best deals. The Vendor Liabilities Aging Report allows you to see who you owe money to, the size of the liability, and the length of time the debt has remained unpaid. This report gives you the quick and accurate information you need to assess your debts and take necessary action.

Watch a demonstration of the purchasing processes in SAP Business One:

Read more about the SAP Business One Procurement Management solution to learn how you can automate your entire procurement process from purchase order to vendor invoice payment.

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