CRM ERP integration

A recent study by System Innovation Romania, a local distributor of the SAP Business One ERP system, shows an ERP-CRM integrated implementation can reduce payback period by 25 to 35% percent. The main advantage stems from the native bond formed between the financial processes of the company and the sales and customer relationship management activities that lead to a more complete and unified vision of the whole company. Moreover, the integrated ERP-CRM projects have significantly reduced consultancy, configuration and customization costs, as well as a shorted implementation period. Currently, in Romania, 75% of small and medium sized enterprises prefer a gradual implementation of business solutions, in the first stage addressing resource management (ERP) and subsequently addressing customer management (CRM), a practice that generates high costs and high stress within the organization.

To aid both companies and their sales teams, System Innovation Romania, offers SAP Business One, an ERP system that incorporates all ERP standard modules, as well as a module designed for client and business opportunity management. The CRM module is natively integrated with the solution, offers complete functionality and is included in the standard licensing package. “In practice, the sales processes are perfectly integrated with all the other activities managed in the ERP system. SAP Business One gives companies this advantage by delivering enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management tools in a single implementation, generating a completely automated sales process. This gives our clients a significant rise in efficiency and a greatly reduced payback period.” Irina Oprea, General Manager, System Innovation Romania

The integrated ERP-CRM approach has a series of obvious benefits like: automated sales process, unique one screen perspective of operational and financial information, reduced implementation time and cost, single supplier point of contact and integrated CRM and financial reports.



System Innovation Romania is a Romanian-Dutch company, operating in Romania since 2008, providing consulting, implementation, development, support and localization for the SAP Business One ERP system, the business solution developed for small and medium sized enterprises by the world leader in business solutions SAP AG.

System Innovation Romania is a company experienced both in local and international projects, in countries like Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Bulgaria, and Lebanon. The solutions are designed for companies in various business verticals such as: distribution, professional services (audit, accounting, management), production, construction. 



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