System Innovation Romania recently finalized the implementation of SAP Business One with one of the leading distributors of non-electric homewares and garden furniture in Central and Eastern Europe, Dajar Home & Garden.

The implementation of the SAP Business One system in the Romanian subsidiary of Dajar Home & Garden was prompted by the decision taken at group level, to implement the system in all the companies of the group. Some of the goals of this initiative include optimizing processes and procedures within every company of the group, along with better communication among the companies.

“There are a lot of advantages in implementing SAP Business One among all the companies of the Dajar Group. Better and simplified communication between the companies is the first and most obvious one, but the is an even larger range of opportunities to automate and streamline processes and business flows such as the automated generation of documents such as Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt POs and Invoices between the companies, which ultimately leads to better stock management and a significant decrease in the time needed for handling these types of documents.”, Irina Oprea, General Manager System Innovation Romania

Clients of Dajar Home & Garden Romania include a number of large retail chains. Business relationships with this type of client involve certain procedures and customizations. During the implementation personalized price lists, custom item codes, item master data (aligned to group standards), were configured directly within SAP Business One, without the need for development, leading to a reduced implementation time.

“We were pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to customize the settings for our industry and business. SAP Business One was flexible enough to meet our needs without development of new functionality.”, Tomasz Rudzik, General Manager Dajar Group

Another key aspect was fixing some of the issues raised by previous systems: “With SAP Business One we managed to integrate all the departments within our company, eliminate errors caused by entering data into multiple systems and configure the reports that are important for our company.” , Melinda Mónika Halmágyi, Key Account Manager Dajar Home & Garden Srl

SAP Business One integrates all the activities of the company, both operational, automating processes and eliminating redundant actions, and financial and management, giving managers the instruments to control every aspect of the business in real time. The system combines international expertise in handling business flows and the supply of relevant information to support business decisions, optimized for the Romanian market, in full compliance with accounting practices and legal requirements.

“Our mission is to supply Romanian Small and Medium sized Enterprises with an ERP system that has proved its flexibility on a global scale, through its over 40 000 world-wide customers, and assure the compliance of the system with both the Romanian marketplace and local legal requirements.” , Irina Oprea, General Manager System Innovation Romania

About System Innovation Romania

System Innovation Romania is the only official partner committed to implementing, localizing and supporting SAP Business One for the Romanian market.  System Innovation Romania developed localization packages that provide extended capabilities to SAP Business One, offering a simple way to fit SAP Business One according to legal and reporting requirements in Romania. The company is committed to adapt the software to match specific business needs and their add-ons such as Banking Integration, Bar Coding etc. have been intensively used by a wide range of customers. System Innovation Romania customers include names like FAIST Mekatronic, BAUER Spezialtiefbau, Novartis, and more.


About SAP Business One

SAP Business One, produced by the leader in ERP solutions SAP AG, is an integrated business management application dedicated to small and mid-sized companies and divisions or subsidiaries of larger companies. SAP Business One integrates core business processes like sales, purchasing, banking and accounting, inventory and customer management, in one single and affordable application. The system currently has over 40 000 customers world-wide. Among these are Mitsubishi, Herlitz, L’Oreal, Velux, Alcatel, Nestle, Whirlpool, BAUER, Roullier, Hella, VELUX, SSAB, Philips, VEKA, Tetra Pak.

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