, verb (used with object) - to put into effect according to or by means of a definite plan or procedure.

What does a business software implementation actually mean? Basically, it’s a succession of actions starting with a business flow analysis and ending with the use of the software solution within the company, adapted, according to the analysis, to the company’s needs.

What should every business solution implementation contain (be it ERP, CRM, WMS or other more or less ambiguous acronyms)? After the business flow analysis, a plan agreed upon by the client and the solution supplier must be created, containing all of the steps needed, the responsibilities (for both parties) and a calendar.

The plan must contain the following steps:

  • Installation and configuration of the applications;
  • Functionality modification – as specified in the Business Flow Analysis (optional – depending on the analysis);
  • Data migration from previous systems;
  • Business Flow validation by Key Users;
  • User training custom tailored to the role they occupy in the company;
  • Application validation by every user;
  • Go-Live – the moment when users start incorporating all the activities in the new system.

The size and structure of every step within the plan varies in respect to the company that is implementing the new system. But the most important step comes even before the plan itself. It’s the Business Flow Analysis. Without a well done Business Flow Analysis, you’ll run a high probability of unjustified increases in the price and duration of the implementation and the efficiency with which you will use your new system will suffer as well.


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